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Cirkus Surreal are a performing arts troupe from Denison College Kelso High Campus in Bathurst, NSW, Australia.

Cirkus Surreal came to life in 2003 and has since entertained, enchanted and inspired audiences around Australia and on our previous tours to L.A, Las Vegas, New York, Montreal, Quebec City, San Francisco, Vancouver and Salt Spring Island.


If you are interested in booking our wonderful young troupe for a performance or for further information and booking enquiries, please see our Contact us page.

If you would like to see Cirkus Surreal performing, we will be appearing during The Winter Festival in Bathurst at The Brew and Bite on the 8th July. You will also see our flamingo stilt walkers on July 1st at Machattie Park.

If you are in Orange, we are performing out the front of Big W on the 22nd June from 11am until 2.30pm.

Stay tuned for more information on how you can see us in and around Bathurst!

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