2018 Tour announcement

Due to the outstanding success of our previous tours the award-winning troupe Cirkus Surreal are currently planning their fifth International Tour. In April 2018, we will travel to Hawaii. The successful 18 students have been through an extensive audition process and I am proud to recommend such a fine group of young people. They are aged between 14 and 18, both girls and boys. They will be accompanied by their director, Ms. Stephanie Brown, teacher Mr. Tarquin Halls, Creative and Performing Arts Head Teacher Ms. Selina Ash, rigger and photographer Mr. Ben Cox, rigger Mr. Trevor Gunter and welfare support officer Miss Alexandra Brown.

If you are interested in sponsoring our troupe, please read our sponsorship package which is available on our Contact us page.

Cirkus Surreal attracts a wide range of media coverage and we anticipate this as we commence our tour.

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